How It Works?

MoneyWorks is a digital supply chain financing platform that connects buyers that seek supply chain financing with lenders willing to provide the required financing. The buyers and the suppliers have to register onto the platform specifying their needs.

The buyers, who seek financing from the platform, through the registration process will undergo a credit risk assessment to determine their loan ranking and interest rate. The administration of the process including the preparation of the loan contract, the collection of the monthly repayments as well as the disbursement of loan repayments to the lenders is done digitally.

Our Business

MoneyWorks is a Digital Supply Chain Finance Platform developed to address the access to finance challenge faced by most SMEs. The platform enables large and medium sized corporates and public sector institutions to have an early payment programme for the benefit of SMEs in their supply chain. The solution provides SMEs access to invoice financing on the back of their buyer’s credit record thus reducing the late payment and cash flow shortage risk faced by most SMEs.

 MoneyWorks Financial Services


MoneyWorks Financial Services